Book a free demo

Book a time that best suits you from the calendar. The presentation will take a closer look at the Nive Notis solution and we provide you with a free trial for your company.

Mobiilisovellus havaintojen raportointiin

Demo content

Set aside approximately one hour for the Teams presentation. We will present the functionality of the solution with all its components. You will get a practical example of how the an observation is created on the app and how it is further processed in the M-Files data management system. 

Together, we will consider how our solution would best support your company's operations and how you can yourself adapt the solution to your needs.

If you wish, we will create a free test account for you and give you the opportunity to try out the functionality of the solution yourself. 

How the process goes?

1. Book a demo or contact us to book a demo for Nive Notis.

2. We provide a free trial version and environment for your use.

3. We map out your needs and tailor the solution in days.

4. We support deployment and train administrators and end users as needed.

5. We monitor the functionality of the solution and further develop it in the desired direction.