Work time recordings

Easily report working hours with Nive Notis

Monitoring of working hours must be carried out by law in the company. It is the employer's responsibility to arrange for the recording of working time and the employee is responsible for recording working hours. With the Nive Notis reporting application, you can easily record the start, end, breaks and overtime of working hours.

Nive Notis

Working time information can be specified as needed. For example, you can attach a type of working time, a description, a job, a location and, if desired, a picture or video. Work time recording is easy with an iOS or Android mobile device, regardless of location. Logging can also be performed on a computer directly to the backend system. 

Easy working hour recording

Track and create reports

Create reports or summaries of working hours on a weekly or monthly basis. The data is stored and easily found in the background system. With time tracking, you can track the time spent on specific tasks or projects and create more efficient ways of working. 


Nive Notis

The Nive Notis reporting solution adapts to your needs. Reportable observations and and the collected information are configurable. Book a demo or contact us so we will consider together the solution that is right for your company.