TR measurements

The Nive Notis solution can be used to implement statutory weekly TR measurements. Easily collect TR round related findings with a mobile app or tablet. After the round, the data can be viewed and analyzed in the M-Files background system, and documents, charts and summaries can be created from them.

Plan a TR round

Create a TR round in the M-Files background system before starting the TR measurement. You can also create a new TR round directly on your mobile device.

Perform a TR measurement

Collect observations with Nive Notis. Indicate whether the finding is correct or incorrect. If the observation is incorrect, additional information can be collected from the observation. It is possible to attach an image, video, floor plan and location to the observation.

Create a report

After the round, create a summary report or compile the incorrect observations. View measurements by site, month or observation category. Looking at the measurements more broadly helps to find areas for improvement and streamline operations.

MVR measurements

The Nive Notis solution is also suitable for implementing MVR measurements. Plan a round, complete the round and gather the necessary information for the report. Analyze data in the M-Files backend.

Nive Notis

The Nive Notis reporting solution adapts to your needs. Reportable observations and and the collected information are configurable. Book a demo or contact us so we will consider together the solution that is right for your company.