Maintenance is an important part of ensuring efficiency

Maintenance is directly linked to production and efficiency, as well-functioning processes and the environment are vital to business. 

Managing day-to-day operations and making decisions is challenging without knowledge coming from the field. The information collected from the field must be accurate and clear enough to be used effectively.

Audits and process walks

Audits, various process walks and observation rounds aim to maintain quality, efficiency and safety. Different observation walks determine whether all aspects are in order.

With the Nive Notis solution, you can easily record deficiencies, reports, condition markings and attach images, videos, and location data to your observations. Reports and charts help management analyze the areas to be developed.

Occupational safety

In an industrial environment, taking care of safety is an important part of daily operations. Occupational safety must be ensured by both individual employees and supervisors and the company's management. 

It is important to anticipate occupational safety risks and establish a preventive process in the event of accidents and injuries. Proactive activities include risk assessment, safety training, safety observations and safety rounds. 

With Nive Notis, you commit employees to creating occupational safety observations, as the mobile app is easy to use in the field and it takes only a few seconds to make an observation. 

Use cases


Audit anomalies, reports, process walks...


Occupational safety observations, environmental observations, anomaly observations...

Working hour entries

Working day postings, breaks, absences...


Feedback from builders, subcontractors, management...

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