Easily report tasks

In mobile work, job reporting should be simple and fast. Especially in property maintenance, there are several sites a day and it is good to keep track of the work done by property. 

Nive Notis can be used to report tasks or maintenance performed. Images, videos, and location information can be added to the report. In this way, the work tasks are recorded and a confirmation of the customer's visit is obtained.

Residents' maintenance requests

The Nive Notis reporting solution can also be implemented for property residents. Residents can make maintenance requests, feedback or anomaly observations with the app that leaves the request for further processing to property maintenance. Due to the simplicity of the application, making a maintenance request is effortless. 

Monitoring of consumption readings

Easily track property consumption readings with Nive Notis. Take a picture of the meter as proof of the visit, enter the required information in the text field and add the location automatically or manually. The author and the time when the report was made can also be entered in the report.

Anomaly findings

Create an anomaly observation at the site and direct it to the person in charge of follow-up. Making an anomaly observation and thus intervening quickly increases customer satisfaction. 

Nive Notis

Nive Notis -raportointiratkaisu mukautuu tarpeisiisi. Raportoitavat havainnot ja havaintoihin merkittävät tiedot ovat konfiguroitavissa. Varaa demo tai ota yhteyttä niin pohditaan yhdessä yrityksellenne sopiva ratkaisu.