Property maintenance rounds


Carry out property inspection rounds with the Nive Notis solution. Plan your rounds in advance on your computer, and determine what the audit will include and what kind of information you want to collect. Implement an inspection round with the mobile app and create reports or summaries of inspections. 

Condition assessments

Perform a condition assessment or maintenance round using the reporting application. The tour author, property, comment, photo, location, and other required information can be specified in the round information.

The completed rounds are saved and can be easily found in the M-Files background system. The system allows you to view completed rounds, measurements and estimates, as well as the latest data. 

Implementation of rounds

Plan your rounds in the M-Files backend

Collect on-site observations on mobile devices

Create a report and view the round's findings

Nive Notis

The Nive Notis reporting solution adapts to your needs. Reportable observations and and the collected information are configurable. Book a demo or contact us so we will consider together the solution that is right for your company.